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Why is Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical?

Why is Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical?

Developments Jun 30, 2022 at 10:54am

Take a look into what hyperphysical spaces is. Let's find out; 'Why is Fashion retail exploring the hyperphysical ?"

To entice consumers back into fashion retail stores, brands are amping up sensory elements in their pop-up stores and physical locations to create 'hyperphysical spaces'.

In a post-Covid  retail landscape, changing consumer needs are driving retailers to rethink bricks-and-mortar stores to be more engaging, sensorial and memorable.

Despite the advancing e-commerce, there seems to be an apparent side effect...Consumers are still drawn to the tactility of physical stores.

In particular, sensory-stimulating 'next generation' spaces act as cleverly designed Instagrammable marketing opportunities. These new spaces are also an exciting space to highlight and promote their latest offerings.

What is considered a Hyperphysical space?

Definition of the term hyperphysical

Hyperphysical, adjective | hy-per-phys-i-cal |

1: Characterised by unusually intense, frenetic, or demanding physical activity extremely or excessively physical

2: Being beyond or more than the physical independent of the physical or not being within its confines

Hyperphysical spaces are spaces that go beyond the physical or "norms" of its usual confines.

Exaggeration of physical attributes, indulgence of other sensory stimuli and additional physical elements added to enhance a space.

These enhancements, thus transforming the space into more than just a space, but an experience for the senses. A hyperphysical space is born.

Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

How are Fashion brands implementing Hyperphysical experiences into their retail stores?


Balenciaga has taken the hyperphysical route, and the brand recently opened pop-ups for the Le Cagole it-handbag (worn by Kim Kardashian in the most recent campaign) in both London and Bangkok.

The stores feature a cheerful surplus of shaggy pink faux fur covering the floor, walls, chairs, and shelves. Enticing customers to touch and stroke the installation. This sensory experience is an exciting and energising hyperphysical retail space.

Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical


Coach recently installed an inflatable ‘Coach Pillow’ installation in Soho Square London. The instillation was done in collaboration with artist Cyril Lancelin.

Inspired by the label’s quilted ‘Pillow Tabby’ shoulder bag The immersive, hyperphysical ‘Coach Pillow’ experience invites the public to explore a giant, pillow-like structure.

The structure is a soft pink hue and designed in Lancelin’s geometric design style. Finished, like the Pillow Tabby bag, adding Coach’s Signature finishings.

Coach stated that the installation was been created to celebrate London’s reopening. The pink structure also comes to life digitally through an augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt.

Coach Pillow. Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical


For Jacquemus, meanwhile, a spark of hyperphysical retail energises the brand’s presence in the UK market. They created several experiences at the Selfridges store, and wanted to create strong visuals and surprising settings for their customers.

Simon Porte of Jacquemus told Vogue in a recent interview. "I love to play with concepts, especially those that relate to buying and retail experience."

"With the opening of Jacquemus 24/24 in Paris, Milan and now London, I hope to disrupt and create a unique Jacquemus experience.”

Jacquemus - Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

Sad Smile with Dinga Cake

Not only are individual brands creating immersive experiences, but they are also collaborating with complimentary or like minded brands from different sectors. Creating product ranges and complimentary spaces to showcase their unions in hyperphysical arenas.

Sad smile teamed up with Dinga Cake to offer their customers a surrealistic experience at the Dinga Cake house in Yeoman, Dong Seoul.

The 'Salvador Dahli-esc' space featured wardrobes and chairs that appeared to be melting into the floors. Used to display a Sad Smile clothing range featuring Dinga Cake dessert items printed on T-shirts, hoodies and Caps.

This interesting union has created a similarly interesting space for customers to engage with their offering in a whole new realm.

Sad Smile with Dinga Cake -Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

eBay X Morley's Chicken Shop

London-based Morley’s chicken shop collaborated with eBay UK for a sneaker pop-up store this past June. The installation at the Morley's allowed sneaker-heads to get their hands on exclusive models for the original retail price rather than retail selling price.

eBay offered a £1 charity raffle, where people could submit their names to be in with the chance of purchasing a pair of OG sneakers.

An effort by eBay to skip the resell market to help hyped shoes make their way back onto people’s feet.

Not only are there sneakers available, but the pop-up also comes with Morley’s famous fast food options. Customers were also presented with an exclusive chat from broadcaster, host, and media executive Julie Adenuga who revealed trade secrets from the sneaker industry. 

At the store, eBay is offering the Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott for £51, Off White Jordan 2’s for £84, and and many more at their original price.

Ebay + Morleys.Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

Gucci X Adidas

adidas x Gucci Collaboration Limited-Time Pop-Up,  BA-TSU ART GALLERY Harajuku.

Designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, adidas x Gucci merges the emblems of the House with those of the iconic sportswear brand.

Expanding on sartorial streetwear creations, the collection hosts a spectrum of sport-inspired pieces in which the heritage of both brands is encoded in a trio of lines.

The bright and eccentric visuals make the space visually stimulating, and great for photo opportunities.

Gucci x Adidas.Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

Les Monsieur Rose by Philippe Katherine

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche et La Grande Epicerie de Paris.

“You just have to open your eyes there's always something cute somewhere, it's a question of optics. Confined".

Philippe Katherine experiences the biggest playground: everyday life. The artist assembles, draws, sculpts and photographs.

The idea behind the concept is not to create meaning, but rather to take a fresh look at the world, to reinvent yourself and have fun. Clearly seen in the installation Katherine did in the Bon Marche' centre in Paris.

Having fun with fashion, a spirit that has always driven Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Naturally, it is within the Bon Marché that Philippe Katerine has chosen to unveil and exhibit his “cuteness”. 

Created for the occasion, was exclusive capsule collection.

Philipe Katherine - bon Marche' Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical


Etro Liquid Paisley Pop-Up, Boon The Shop Cheongdam South Korea.

The capsule celebrates the new Liquid Paisley pattern with a contemporary take on one of the brand's most iconic codes.

A gender fluid approach driven by an open and inclusive vision that underscores ETRO's message; a collection without gender boundaries with an ensemble of products for everyone.

With the Liquid Paisley capsule, Veronica Etro, the Women's Creative Director, has gone a step further with a more pop-appealing approach which not only looks to an inclusive world but also embodies the incredible power of the young.

Paisley becomes a backdrop to the vibrant colours of spring, illuminating ETRO’s new flamboyant bags, dresses and accessories.

Taken one step further when they created the Boon shop installation where the walls, floors and digital displays conjured paisley displays to create an immersive experience.

A new and alluring capsule collection that marks the beginning of a new exciting journey for ETRO.

Etro -Fashion Retail Exploring the Hyperphysical

In conclusion, are Hyperphysical spaces here to stay?

With the vast interest these spaces are gathering, we can only but presume that the added value will encourage this type of sensory stimulating application to continue in retail. More and more brands are seen to be venturing into the hyperphysical. The mystery generated by "what will it be like?" is incredibly exciting. We can't wait to see what the future holds for hyperphysical retail!

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