Completely Retail Marketplace — Unlock Success in Retail: 10 Tips from Retail Experts to Open a Shop
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Unlock Success in Retail: 10 Tips from Retail Experts to Open a Shop

Unlock Success in Retail: 10 Tips from Retail Experts to Open a Shop

Insight Aug 8, 2023 at 8:37am

Are you opening a retail shop? Starting a business in retail is an exciting endeavour!

To get you started in the best conditions, we would like to introduce you to one of our partners: ankorstart.

Read the below Snapshot blog post from our partners ankorstart to see how you can 'Unlock success in retail: 10 Tips from Retail Experts to Open a Shop.'

Unlock Success in Retail

Ankorstart is a free programme designed to support anyone that wants to open a retail shop, whether it’s online or physical.

The programme was created one year ago by Ankorstore, the European leading B2B marketplace, and now counts more than 65,000 registered entrepreneurs.

Let’s explore the must know tips for aspiring shop owners from the Ankorstart retail experts.

Unlock Success in Retail

Tip 1: Start with in-depth market research

The starting point for a successful retail business is to conduct thorough researching the market. This includes understanding your target audience, competitors, and current market trends.

Moreover, also analysing customer buying behaviours and preferences to tailor your offerings accordingly. Ankorstart's retail experts can provide valuable insights to help you shape your offer based on your customer profile.

Tip 2: Write a solid business plan

It is fundamental to write a well-defined business plan. Additionally, this includes clearly outlining your business idea, mission, and unique value proposition. Working on your business plan makes you precisely identify your target market, set realistic financial goals, and develop strategies for marketing, operations, and customer service. Check out the Ankorstart Toolbox to find free digital resources to guide you through the process of creating an effective business plan.

Tip 3: Find a good location

The location is an important determinant for your store’s success. Look for areas with high foot traffic and proximity to your target market. Consider factors like parking availability, accessibility, and the presence of complementary businesses to drive traffic to your store.

If you want to make life slightly more straightforward in this regard, you can head online to look at an array of commercial property options that could be your next shop.

Tip 4: Develop your shop identity

Creating a strong brand identity ensures you build a lasting impression on your customers, meaning you will be remembered. Create a compelling name, logo, and choose consistent visual elements. Work on a differentiating brand story that shows your values, unique offerings, and connects emotionally with your audience.

Tip 5: Curate a unique selection of products

Build a product offering that makes your shop different from others. Select your products thoughtfully by choosing a balanced combination between well-known brands along with niche, local brands. Ankorstart's consultants can provide free guidance on finding the products that can work best in your store, based on your shop identity and target market. To request free support, simply fill out the form at the end of this page.

Tip 6: Listen to your customers

Your customers should always be your number one priority. It is important they feel cared for and listened to. Train your staff to make sure they are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to customers' needs. Excellent customer service is the backbone of a loyal clientele and the first factor to drive repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth. With the Ankorstart programme you can deep dive into this topic and get a better understanding of how to work on customer relations. 

Unlock success in retail

Tip 7: Develop an online presence

In today's digital era, having an online presence is essential. Even if you are opening a physical store, a user-friendly website and active social media presence are vital for engaging with your audience, sharing updates, and promoting your products. You can discover informative articles on this topic on the Ankorstart blog.

Tip 8: Pay attention to visual merchandising

Visual merchandising can drive the focus of your customers on specific products you want to promote as well as make sure they have a pleasant experience exploring your shop. Whether it's a physical or digital store, design a curated layout and place products strategically to maximise sales. Ankorstart's network of partners includes visual merchandising consulting services to help you create a captivating shopping experience.

Tip 9: Work on a marketing strategy from the beginning

Start promoting your shop even before it opens to generate excitement and anticipation. For your marketing strategy you should try a mix of online and offline channels, such as social media advertising, email marketing, and local events, to attract customers to your retail shop.

Tip 10: Never stop adapting and innovating

Make sure you are always on top of industry trends and changes. Listen to your customers and collect their feedback to adapt your retail strategy accordingly. Ankorstart’s ongoing support and guidance ensures you are accompanied before and right after your shop opening, to monitor what is working well and what should be improved to ensure your long-term success.

Unlock success in retail: 10 Tips from Retail Experts to Open a Shop.

As you start your journey of opening a retail shop, keep these valuable tips in mind as each step plays a crucial role in the success of your business venture. Ankorstart and ankorstore make unlocking success in retail attainable for all.

To explore these topics further and receive tailor made support for free, sign up to the Ankorstart programme here and get expert advice to set your business up for success!

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