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The most exciting Nordic real estate platforms for flexible retail spaces

The most exciting Nordic real estate platforms for flexible retail spaces

Retailer Spotlight Mar 31, 2022 at 12:41pm

Looking for an exciting retail space in Sweden? Look no further.

Whether you’re an independent brand looking for space to test your concept, a digitally native brand seeking to make a human connection or brand owner seeking to showcase an exciting immersive sensory experience, the possibilities are endless with the diverse range and amount of flexible leases and pop-up spaces available. Read on, as we delve into most exciting flexible retail space platforms in the Nordics which are revolutionising the market.

1: Vasakronen Launched “Open Spot”

Vasakronen, Sweden’s largest real estate company, with a property portfolio that includes 168 properties and a total area of ​​2.3 million m2 has recently launched "Open Spot”. One of Vasakronen’s openly shared missions is to be the first choice for anyone looking for a retail space in Sweden, so it comes as no surprise when the retail giant announced its latest flexible space offering.

“Think of Open Spot as your physical media channel, the perfect place to launch new products, increase sales during the high season, meet a new customer group or simply hang out with your customers for real.” - Vasakronen

Open Spot is a proposition to assist brands in navigating Sweden’s adaptable retail landscape, and its’ user-friendly approach makes the process of finding a space feel full of possibilities.

The physical Open Spot locations are conceptually decorated pop-up rooms in hand-picked locations all around Sweden, each one with their unique target group. Their model makes it easy to book your space in the best location with a fixed cost structure applied. It’s simple and you get a flexible, stylish, and modern room with digital screens & display enabling you to "set up shop" and do business.

For more info visit: WEBSITE  

2: Epicenter Store: Pop-up / Experience space

Epicenter Store is the experimental platform for retail innovation with impact, and part of Epicenter House of Digital Innovation, located in Stockholm. They don’t believe that they have all the answers for how they’ll solve all the questions related to the future of retail…But they do believe that by asking the right questions and gathering the right thinkers, doers and change makers committed to collaborate with them on their mission, is how they make magic happen.

Image of Epicenter entrance - Stockholm

“We create innovation with impact by combining knowledge, community and space linked digitization and innovation. Epicenter Store is the latest addition to the Epicenter ecosystem.” -Epicenter

What makes Epicenter so exciting is that their flexible experience space is a unique platform with collaborators having access to their membership network which consists of cutting edge tech companies who they connect and partner with to "create retail innovation with impact". They offer a flexible, customisable concept through their team of experts on hand to help your business find what it is looking for.

We thought we’d share one of their previous case studies with you, as an example of the creative possibilities they offer.

Epicenter Store and N!ck’s Sensory Lab welcomed "An oddly satisfying experience"

"Taste it, lick it, spoon it. Simply indulge yourself in ice cream." 

In connection with the nationwide campaign for N!ck's ice cream, the Swedish food producer invited influencers and fans to N!ck's Sensory Lab activating all their senses in a theatrical way so they totally indulged in enjoying ice cream through sight, hearing, feeling, taste and aroma. The lab gave guests the opportunity to experience various oddly satisfying activities and encouraged them to create and share content capturing those exciting, enjoyable moments of discovery.

Simply indulge yourself activation created for N!ck's. Guests could experience a swing, fondue fountain and even an ice cream bath
Fantastical costume and display seen at the N!ck's activation

Epicenter store utilises the full potential of their experience space to create exciting and unforgettable experiences for all who comes through their doors.

If you’re looking for a platform to help make all your sensory dreams come to life or harness the power of innovation to exhilarate customers, visit: WEBSITE

3: Co-sharing, Co-Branding & Co-creation

Their mantra “Let's share space - better”, gives you a great indication of Spotly’s outlook on flexible space. They are all about inclusion and collaboration, and their platform offers a great user experience with multiple options for big and small businesses equally. If you’re in the business to list your space, host events in your space, or find a space, Spotly is a very diverse platform for retailers alike.

Depiction of versatility and variety of space options offered by Spotly - Window space utilised for promotion

On the Spotly platform you can book short-term showroom spaces, spots(down to 1m2), book & share a wall, a window, or even an entire space for a day or more. It feels like the options are limitless on Spotly.

Their dream is to empower and inspire communities economically & creatively by allowing brands, creatives, as well as space owners the opportunity to explore the showroom of tomorrow, and we think that their progressive and all-encompassing concept is just brilliant.

"Spotly's concept and platform, enables better use of the city's retail premises and allows for a more flexible use of urban space. At the same time, landlords, brands & creatives, can enjoy the benefits of better conditions” - Claus Bech, CEO, City union of Aarhus, Strategic Partner

Image showing Spotly decals used to identify space offerings

Spotly are on a mission to democratise the access to showroom space while making the city more inclusive and sustainable, and some of the key points that they base their business guidelines on are as follows:

Urbanity - Existing square meters can be used differently, and at the same time, create new experiences for everyone in the urban space.

Co-creation - Spotly want to aspire co-sharing, co-branding, and co-creation. We also co-operate to generate opportunities for hosts, brands, and creatives.

Responsibility - Spotly has been founded on the principles of sharing economy. We unite people, products, and experiences without the need for additional square meter.

Flexibility - Spotly provide a unique platform and service, where both large and small, can find showroom spots that matches their needs and budget.

Concept and Space owners benefit by hosting curated content and experiences from interesting Nordic brands and creatives promoting their space/destination while getting an extra income.

For more info on visit: WEBSITE

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