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Sustainability News in Retail

Sustainability News in Retail

Sustainability May 10, 2023 at 9:58am

Completely Retail Marketplace looks at the latest Sustainability News from the world of retail.

Globally, consumers choose to buy from brands that commit to sustainability. Nowadays, going green is about more than just conserving energy or asking customers to recycle their shopping bags. Sustainability allows brands to better connect with their customers and do their bit for the planet.

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Sustainability News in Retail

Dr Martens to start using recycled leather

Dr Martens have stated that they will start using recycled leather for some of its boots at its Northampton factory. The footwear and accessory retailer is looking for new ways to make its offering more sustainable.

The Times has speculated that Dr Martens is one of a handful of investors set to invest up to $18 million into a reusable leather maker, Gen Phoenix. Some other investors include Jaguar Land Rover and Tapestry, the home of luxury brands such as Coach and Kate Spade.

The famous footwear and accessories retailer plans to use recycled leather produced in Gen Phoenix's Peterborough facility by early next year. Gen Phoenix already creates recycled leather for companies in the transport industry. Estimations suggest that their recycled leather is used on more than four million seat covers worldwide, saving over 8,000 tonnes of leather waste from landfills annually.

Sainsbury’s new laundry detergent packaging is estimated to save 22 tons of plastic annually

The first UK supermarket to switch its-branded detergent range to cardboard cartons, Sainsbury plans to save 22 tons of plastic annually.

Since mid-April, shoppers have been able to pick up the new and improved packaging, which is 35% lighter than the original packaging and will reduce their detergent range's carbon emissions by 50%.

This new packaging change has been done across all the Sainsbury own-brand 750ml laundry detergents. This includes their bio super concentrated, non-bio super concentrated, colour super concentrated, lavender and tropical super concentrated lines.

The packaging is revised, and the detergent has also been reformulated to a more concentrated formula. The change allows a smaller amount to be used per wash, extending the number of washes per carton by five.

Sainsbury is continuously attempting to cut plastic where possible. The move comes as part of its ongoing commitment to halve the use of its brand plastic packaging by 2025.

The Grocer had also recently shared that it had vacuum-packed its beef mince range, saving a minimum of 55% plastic per product and about 450 tonnes annually. These efforts are a few minor changes that will lead to considerable savings in the future.

eBay launching sustainable homeware hub

eBay has launched its "Better Than New Homeware Hub" to encourage shoppers to purchase more sustainable home options. The new hub features refurbished, vintage and repaired pieces that offer shoppers a more affordable alternative that is environmentally friendly.

Research from eBay UK shows that the average person looks to refresh their home around three times a year. However, 14% of those surveyed said they buy more second-hand furniture than two years ago to do so. eBay has estimated that the pre-loved home and garden purchases over the past year have saved 6.5 million kg of waste going to landfills. This fact proves that more of their shoppers are turning to second-hand products.

The research done by eBay also showed that nearly half of the customers surveyed stated that saving money was the main reason for buying second-hand furniture. Furthermore, 37% of the customers surveyed purchase second-hand for environmental reasons.

Rachel Miles, eBay's head of home and garden, said: "In a similar vein to the way we've celebrated pre-loved fashion through our partnership with Love Island, we're now turning our attention to help 'slow down' fast furniture by demonstrating the style, value and environmental benefits of second-hand furniture and home accessories available on eBay."

"This new hub places a much-needed spotlight on fast furniture's impact on our planet and shows shoppers a better way to refresh the home without creating more waste."

"Customers will be able to find a wonderful assortment of items from sofas to lighting with lots of character that support the fight against fast furniture and correct existing perceptions around affordability."

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