Completely Retail Marketplace — Spotlight on… The Source Bulk Foods
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Spotlight on... The Source Bulk Foods

Spotlight on... The Source Bulk Foods

Retailer Spotlight Sep 21, 2020 at 12:00pm

Big Dreams, Zero Waste

The Source Bulk Foods are proud to offer a unique shopping experience providing quality ingredients, where you only buy what you need, all without unnecessary packaging.

The Source Bulk Foods arrived here during 2018 when, after coming across a Source store whilst visiting Australia, husband and wife team Patrick and Makayla kicked off the franchise in the UK and opened the first two stores in London.

The Chiswick store was opened in February 2018 and then the second one in Battersea in the October of that same year. New stores also recently opened in Brighton and Dublin in 2019, adding to the UK offering of over 450 bulk foods including organic whole foods, cooking liquids and oils, healthy snacks and sustainable personal and household products. A busy couple of years indeed!

"From the very first day of opening, we knew we had helped create something special that was valued by our customers, the community and our team," say UK and Ireland franchise owners Patrick and Makayla. "When you step through the doors of your local store, you’ll always meet a friendly team member willing to chat and help you navigate the Source shopping experience."

the source bulk foods UK franchise
UK and Ireland franchise owners, Patrick and Makayla. Photo credit: Leigh Farmer

There's no doubt that The Source Bulk Foods chain has developed a revolution in retailing, with its extensive offering of food products that have minimal processing and no prepackaging.

All products are either organic, chemical free, non-GMO or natural. The range of food and grocery lines is presented in simple, yet stylish, bulk bins that allow customers to easily choose their products and buy as much or as little as they need.

The bulk food bins clearly identify each product and its country of origin, as well as health considerations such as gluten, dairy and sugar. So for those looking for a highly interactive retail experience that is fun, exciting and nostalgic - this is the destination for you.

the source bulk foods UK store
The Source Bulk Foods store layout. Photo credit: Scott Mains

Not only are customers encouraged to bring in their own containers for refilling, there's also the rewarding opportunity for customers to get stuck in by milling their own flour and pulling their own honey. The team can even teach customers how to make peanut, almond and macadamia butter!

"Zero waste thinking is more than a philosophy, it’s a way of life that lies close to our heart," continue Patrick and Makayla. "From sourcing our produce locally, to our plastic bag free promise, The Source Bulk Foods is continually finding new ways to embrace the zero-waste mentality."

The takeaway? By rethinking the way we shop, we’re contributing to the sustainability of our environment, not to mention supporting organisations, charities and communities that are leading the push for a better, cleaner world. This is just the beginning - keep your eyes peeled for a Source store coming to your town soon.

The Source Bulk Foods stores currently open across the UK, however please check the website or their social media pages for the latest store information relating to COVID-19 measures.

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