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Spotlight on... Get A Drip

Spotlight on... Get A Drip

Retailer Spotlight Jan 30, 2020 at 3:53pm

Get A Drip is disrupting the wellness industry by being the first UK high street Vitamin Drip provider, with locations in Boxpark Shoreditch and Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

The Get a Drip clinic

The idea for Get A Drip first came to founder, Richard Chambers, after he found himself in intensive care in 2010 with Ketacidosis due to complications with his Type 1 Diabetes. After being treated for Ketacidosis, it got him thinking how great he felt after having an IV Drip as part of his treatment.

Following this admission, Richard was continually in and out of hospital for 7 years due to issues related to a reduced immune system, where he often had to be hooked up to a Basic IV Drip as part of the treatment. Richard decided that drips should be accessible to the general public, not just in hospitals or to the super wealthy.

After 7 years of researching the benefits of Drips and studying the work of Dr. John Meyers (the vitamin drip pioneer), Get A Drip finally came to fruition in October 2017.

IV Drips rebalance the body’s natural vitamin levels, helping to cleanse it of toxins, boost the immune system, replenish energy levels and optimise your day-to-day wellbeing.

Get a Drip are the UK’s leading Vitamin Drip company

It’s a common misconception that everything people eat is absorbed, so all that goodness from your lunchtime salad or that multivitamin pill is not necessarily having the desired effect people think. Gut health is extremely important to allow the body to absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Stress has a huge impact on how the digestive system functions on a daily basis. Increased stress levels cause an increase in adrenaline as well as the hormone cortisol. Over time these reduce absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract so even eating healthy food on a regular basis may mean that all of those fantastic vitamins and micronutrients are not being absorbed if stress is brought on from a busy lifestyle.

Chronic diseases also have an effect on gut absorption and there has been research to suggest people who live with a medical condition do not receive the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals their body requires from their diet. Preventative medicine is and has always been “better than cure” and there is lots of evidence to suggest a healthy diet can prevent disease, for example lowering cholesterol intake in reducing cardiovascular disease.

Any health professional would advise a healthy balanced diet alongside an active lifestyle (exercise) and time for stress management. These all help the gut absorb the nutrients a body needs. Get a Drip can help with that as their intravenous drips bypass the gut absorption process entirely, meaning you will receive 100% of the nutrients on offer. Your body can then utilise these as part of its metabolic processes. It is a procedure that is fast acting and effective.

Since launching, Get A Drip have administered over 15,000 Vitamins Drips and are already the UK’s leading Vitamin Drip company.

Meet Get a Drip at Completely Retail Marketplace UK and find out more about their expansion plans at the Soapbox sessions. Registration is free for retailers.

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