Completely Retail Marketplace — Soapbox | Landsec Competition, 25th April 2023
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Soapbox | Landsec Competition, 25th April 2023

Soapbox | Landsec Competition, 25th April 2023

Company News May 10, 2023 at 9:42am

The April 2023 Soapbox competition gave 10 brands the chance to win a month-long pop-up lease at one of Landsec’s retail destinations and a once in a lifetime opportunity for a 15-minute takeover of the iconic Piccadilly Lights in London!

The Soapbox, held on the mezzanine at Completely Retail Marketplace on the 25th of April, was an exciting and ‘nail-biting’ addition to the traditional soapbox format. We welcomed guest judges Joy Nazzari, Roger Wade, Oliver Duthie & Adam Sawyer. All excited to listen to the incredible brands who made the finals, but also tasked with the tough decision of choosing only one winner.

Read the below Snapshot to find out more on the Soapbox | Landsec Competition, 25th April 2023, and who was crowned winner of the amazing prize!

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Soapbox | Landsec Competition entrants and Judges – 25th April 2023

Below are the unique brands that were showcased on the Soapbox stage this April.


Presenting for Loanhood: Lucy Hall, CEO and Co-founder

LOANHOOD is a circular fashion business including a fashion rental app, swap shop events and sustainable pop-ups. 

The inspiration stems from the ongoing movement towards sustainable consumption. This is coupled with a strong desire to build a better world for future generations.

The goal is to encourage the circulation of fashion. By the same token, we do this by organising enjoyable and accessible events that motivate diverse communities to reconsider the way we produce, experience, and purchase fashion.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Lucy Hall, Co-founder of LOANHOOD, presenting on the Soapbox stage

2: Man Cave Candles

Presenting for Man Cave Candles: CEO and Founder, Daniel shakes

Man Cave Candles specialises in making candles designed to help men express themselves and curate their space.

Many guys, even if they like candles, don’t always buy them. This could be because they feel they are too feminine, or too ‘gimmicky’ if they are male-aimed. In spite of this, Man Cave Candles has changed the narrative by creating scents and packaging that appeal to men. Candles that allow men to be able to relax and express the side of them that loves more than just traditional masculine trends.

Designed to pull you back into your own unique memories – but they can also be a backdrop upon which you can form new memories.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Daniel Shakes, Founder of Man Cave Candles. Presenting on the Soapbox stage

3: Gootopia

Presenting for Gootopia: CEO and Co-founder, Chris Saville

Gootopia is a unique concept in shopping -offering both traditional & experiential retail. Additionally, it offers an unmissable visitor attraction- all in one store. Gootopia offers the UK’s widest range of slime products,  drop-in slime making, and the world’s first slime vending machine – Goo-to-Go™! 

Their 5-star rated workshops give kids a chance to enjoy a fabulous Slime Show, moreover, to make their own slime from scratch, and create a GIANT slime. Gootopia run awesome birthday parties, school science workshops and grown-up slime-making classes (Slime & Wine!). 

Their own Gootopia product range includes fabulous slime such as Strawberries & Cream,  Bubbly Jubbly and Watermelon Heaven. #SlimeOfYourLife

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Chris Saville, co-Founder of Slime Planet & Gootopia, presenting on the Soapbox stage

4: Monobrow

Presenting for Monobrow: CEO and Founder, Angela Veljanoska

Monobrowshop is more than just a clothing brand – it is a lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, Monobrowshop works with Macedonian artisans to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Their wide range of colours, textures, and silhouettes can suit any occasion. Monobrowshop also offers customization options to ensure a perfect fit. The shop is quickly gaining attention and recognition for its commitment to being an ethical and accessible size-inclusive brand.

Not only do they strive to create sustainable clothes, but they are also passionate about creating a lifestyle that is conscious of the environment. Shop with them today and join the movement of sustainable fashion.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Angela Veljanoska, founder and CEO of Monobrow, presenting on the Soapbox stage

5: Prabaya Organics

Presenting for Prabaya Organics: Founder, Dan’na Wright

Prabaya Organics creates all-natural and luxury organic skincare. They use only the most luxurious, raw and ethically sourced ingredients. This is done to ensure your skin is getting the love and care it deserves. All without any nasty toxins and chemicals a lot of skincare includes.

To Prabaya, self-care rituals are a form of meditation and help find balance within the mind, body, and spirit. They wish to empower people with the knowledge of Mother Nature.  

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Da’na Wright, founder of Prabaya Organics, presenting on the Soapbox stage

6: CAHM Collective

Presenting for CAHM Collective: Amy Hogarth, Founder CAHM

Seeking to spread a positive mental health message through beautiful design-led gift. CAHM is a luxury fragrance and well-being brand with an ethical heart. 

Premium quality, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, plastic free and handmade in Yorkshire. CAHM’s stylish range of diffusers, candles and well-being products are this year’s must-have. 

Founded by Amy Hogarth in 2020 as a distraction to the pandemic and a family mental health crisis. CAHM has gone from strength to strength and can be found in over 35 independent stores nationwide. CAHM donates to Bipolar UK and Soft Power Education.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Amy Hogarth, Founder of CAHM Collective, presenting on the Soapbox stage

7: TOM-O

Presenting for TOM-O: Founder and Designer Sarah Thompson

TOM-O aims to give life to unused textiles through patchwork & up-cycling techniques. Their aim is to create a better future for fashion by helping prevent textiles from landfill. By passing on skills (through workshops & sewing lessons) their customers can learn to mend, alter & customise themselves.

TOM-O also gives customers the chance to recycle their unworn clothing. By turning pre-loved items into something they can continue to wear & love forever, TOM-O is a fully circular & bespoke service that they are proud to offer.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Sarah Thompson, Founder and designer of TOM-O, presenting on the Soapbox stage

8: Finding Roots

Presenting for Finding Roots: CEO & Founder, Lilidh Matthews.

Finding Roots is a MicroGarden subscription delivering beautiful ready-planted containers to your door every season. They believe that everyone should have access to a garden regardless of where they live. Finding Roots provides garden designer quality scaled to a MicroGarden size.

They aim to defy gardening stereotypes! Customers personalise their MicroGarden by choosing the pot colour and plant theme. Finding Roots delivers to your door every three months providing seasonal plant support and guidance.

Finding Roots transforms any balcony into a space to escape, relax and connect with nature. Customers can experience a seasonal journey from the comfort of their own homes.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Lilidh Matthews – Founder of Finding Roots, presenting on the Soapbox stage

9: Formation Co. Jewellery

Presenting for Formation Co. Jewellery: Founder & CEO, Kerry Galtrey

Formation Co. strives to provide everyday versatile jewellery with soul. Thoughtfully designed and crafted in East London. The range is designed to combine, layer, stack and curate your own unique look. The collections are inspired by nature and the celestial, with a nod to timeless nostalgia. The perfect balance between individuality and minimalism.

The ethos is slow, with the buy less / wear more philosophy. Formation Co. features classic forms and wearable designs at an affordable price point. Jewellery that leaves a positive impact on the world, that won’t cost you the earth.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Kerry Galtrey, Founder and CEO, presenting on the Soapbox stage

Drum Roll…and the winner is…

After an extremely tense and tough deliberation between the judges, a winner was decided!

Gootopia took the grand prize for this April’s competition!

Chris Saville, founder of Gootopia, was “totally overwhelmed” after being announced as the winner of Completely Retail Marketplace’s Soapbox competition.

Chris Saville & Wife Nishi (co-founder) embracing after being made April’s soapbox competition winners!

CR News Interview with Chris Saville

“We’re so passionate about this company and we don’t often get the chance to tell people about it. It’s actually a really exciting feeling”, he told Completely Retail News.

Gootopia, formerly Slime Planet, was founded in 2018 and runs workshops for children to make and play with their own slime. It also offers ‘Wine and Slime’ and ‘Slimefulness’ workshops for adults.

Chris’ jaw dropped when he was announced as the winner, before hugging his wife Nishi with whom he started the company. The competition was tight, with the four judges granting honourable mentions to fashion rental brand Loanhood and micro garden subscription service Finding Roots.

Gootopia currently operates in a former railway arch unit in Brixton, and recently launched a pop-up store at a Lewisham shopping centre, however Chris believes the business’s offer “can work anywhere, irrespective of location”.

Soapbox | Landsec Competition April 2023 - Winner Announcement!
Soapbox guest judges photographed with owners of Gootopia, Chris Saville and Wife Nishi Bowan Saville

“We’ve always dreamed of having a Gootopia in lots of different areas across the UK”, he added.

Chris describes Gootopia’s current location as the “grottiest little road”, but adds: “if it works there it’ll definitely work in shopping centres”.

“We can see 20, 30, 40 Gootopia’s existing in the UK, and that’s really what we’re aiming for. Along with this pop-up, we’ve won, we really hope in the next few months that we’ll open two more down south and one up north in Newcastle”.

Stay tuned for more on Gootopia’s journey! We can’t wait to reveal their pop-up space details and when they will be taking over the Piccadilly lights.

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