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Nordic Retail News

Nordic Retail News

Retail News Nov 30, 2022 at 2:49pm

Your monthly round-up of what has been happening in the world of retail in the Nordics

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Nordic Retail News

A few of Arlanda Airport's new marketplace stores have recently been announced

Estimated to be the biggest commercial investment at Arlanda to date. The Stockholm airport is having a large revamp with Terminal 5 getting a new major security check and investment in a new marketplace for retail trade.

The retail section of the terminal is said to host several well-known Swedish brands. A new gift concept and stores for toys, outdoor activities, and electronics.

The development will be made up of 3 stages. The first stage will open in the summer of 2023 and the entire new commercial area. According to Swedavia marked by "Nordic design", 11,000 square meters will be ready around the end of the year 2024/2025.

Charlotte Ljunggren, Swedavia's Director of Marketing and Sales and Acting Airport Manager at Stockholm Arlanda Airport said in a recent interview; “Part of the commercial strategy for the procurement of new stores for the terminal marketplace has been to create good opportunities for shopping, regardless of whether it is planned or of a more spontaneous nature. Varied offers and a broad price picture that appeals to different customer groups have been important aspects.”

What brands can you expect to see first?

The first retailers to join the new retail addition is Gant, J. Lindeberg, which will open during stage 2 in the fall of 2023. Coupled with, Sweshop, which is a unique gift, souvenir and food shop concept with an assortment described as a tribute to Nordic craftsmanship, culture, and heritage.

In addition to two stores in the new marketplace, the concept will also open in SkyCity at Arlanda and at Landvetter. Kronans is opening another pharmacy at the airport and Pocket shop is opening two new units. This will be during both stages 1 and 2, in the new marketplace.

Moreover, the electronics chain Inmotion is also opening three stores at Arlanda. One of which is in the new marketplace, and one store at Landvetter Airport. In addition, the duty-free shop is being rebuilt and will span over 2,000 square meters.

Nordic Retail News

Pom Friterie to open restaurant in Stockholm next spring

Pom Friterie is scheduled to open its first restaurant on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm in the spring of 2023. The new restaurant is inspired by Dutch street food and draws flavour influences from cultures all over the world. The menu is based around the humble spud. They focus is on fresh organic hand-cut fries that have been developed over several years.

Jorit Gras, founder and head chef of Pom Friterie, said in a recent interview: "We have been developing our hand-cut fries for almost three years. Both raw materials and the preparation are honed to the smallest detail."

To create the perfect atmosphere for the opening, their Nordic-inspired restaurant is built around a lively bar with an in-house developed cocktail menu to compliment the fried dishes.
Pom Friterie's potato variety, developed exclusively for making its famous French fries, sets it apart from other street food-inspired restaurants.

The potatoes are grown by an organic farmer in the highly mineral-rich soil of the Dutch North Sea coast.
Keeping to their organic and simplistic approach to preparation, Pom Friterie cooks their fries with the potato skin on and without adding additional additives during the process.

This process gives the French fries their naturally unique taste, with a focus on letting the raw product do the talking. An additional high-class street food menu at their new restaurant is also in the pipeline. This, together with the fries, creates a complete meal.

The brains and creative flare behind the venture are the Dutch Marvin Romein and Jorit Gras. Marvin Romein has previously been the bar manager at, among others, Kåken and L'Avventura. Jorit Gras has a background in design but has also worked as a chef and food photographer. In Stockholm, he has, among other things, been head chef within the Bockholmen Group.

Danish Thansen has made his debut in Sweden

Thansen's have recently opened their first store in Sweden, located at the Väla shopping centre outside Helsingborg. The store's sales area is 550 square meters, and there is space for warehouses and a workshop where the chain offers, among other things, the installation of tires.
CEO Kim Clausen stated in a recent interview that they had tweaked the range a bit before the launch in Sweden.

An example of some of the "tweaks" is that Thansen sells studded tires in Sweden, but they are not allowed in Denmark, so these had to be removed from the range. Engine heaters are another product added to the range ahead of the Swedish debut.

They opened their doors last Friday when it was both payday and Black Friday, a good start for the company. It's been noted that there has been a good flow of people in the store all weekend and that they have received a lot of positive feedback on the concept.

Hufvudstaden welcomes the French fashion brand APC to the rebuilt property Vildmannen 7 in Bibliotekstan

Founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou in France, APC makes minimalistic style clothes and accessories for both men and women. Most know APC for its jeans that are made from Japanese raw denim.

After the fire in 2017, Vildmannen 7 has gone through some careful rebuilding and restoration. The street-facing frontage is being restored to its former glory by adding the original stone facade back to it.

The aim is to create retail premises that are bright modern and flexible for changes in usage.  APC will have its entrance at Jakobsbergsgatan 4 and the premises are approx. 100 square meters.

Emanuel Westin, manager of store business development at Hufvudstaden recently stated in an interview:It is with great pleasure that we welcome the fashion brand APC to the rebuilt Vildmannen 7 and Bibliotekstan. With its stylish collections and stripped-down aesthetics, APC will be a welcome addition to our continued development of Bibliotekstan." 

Stronger opens its first physical store

Some might say it's "about time" for the well-known sportswear brand to open up a shop, with around 15 million people visiting their website monthly. Stronger, which specialises in women's workout clothes, is opening its first physical store ever in the Gallerian in central Stockholm.

Stronger has had a pop-up presence in Gallerian Mall since November 16. The centre-aisle-focused pop-up shop has allowed customers to get a physical look and feel for the sportswear brand up close and personal. On December 17, the store will move to a larger location in Gallerian, where the real demand for the brand will be put to the test

Stronger CEO Annica Rantala stated in a recent interview: “It feels fantastically fun to have the opportunity to meet our customers physically, in-store. We have not done that before. We at Stronger love to bring people together through an active lifestyle and we hope to convey that vision through our pop-up store.”

Annica told reports that they are constantly working on testing new things that can contribute to more people getting to know Stronger's products and discovering that life in motion is a little more fun. She continued to say that it feels good that Stronger's first store is opening in Sweden's most central shopping centre - the Gallerian.

Currently, the store is only temporary, but if the demand exceeds expectations, they can extend their stay and make the Gallerian home.

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