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Nordic Retail News

Nordic Retail News

Retail News Mar 2, 2023 at 10:29am

This is your monthly round-up of what’s been happening in the world of retail in the Nordics.

Read the below Snapshot blog post to hear more about what is happening in Nordic Retail News.

Nordic Retail News

Swedish games company Minecraft and Crocs phygital shoe collection

Crocs have added a new collaboration to their list by teaming up with gaming giant Minecraft in the latest collection. As crocs themselves know, they are not thought to be the most stylish but have risen to fame through their comedic campaigns and strategic partnerships with fashion brands and Tiktok influencers. However, their new collaboration, launched on the 26th of February, has launched the clog brand into the gaming history books. 

In their recent attempt to make Crocs the "cool" shoe of choice, the brand has turned to collaborations and gaming collaborations, as many brands now do. 

Amongst many fashion brands, Balenciaga, Burberry and H&M have collaborated with games such as Roblox, The Sims and Animal Crossing. In addition, Crocs has teamed up with one of the best-selling games in gaming history, Minecraft.

The two companies have now made it possible for you to sport an individualised pair of green Crocs in real life and match them to your Minecraft character. 

Keeping your physical and digital self in style, or maybe out of… depending on your feelings for the green kicks. The loving relationship between gaming and fashion has grown immensely strong over the last few years. As a result, video game outfits or "skins" have become a multi-billion-dollar business.

 Roblox published a report a few months ago after surveying 1000 Gen Zers. The report stated that nearly 3 of 4 were interested in spending money on digital fashion. Users see their digital selves as a part of who they are in real life. Almost half of the survey participants said that dressing their avatars makes them feel good about themselves, meaning that what they dress like in the digital world enhances their physical well-being.

The classic clogs, slides, elevated clogs and the typical Crocs charms, Minecraft themed, are available for sale. 

Swedish restauranteurs Adam & Albin (Michelin-starred restaurant duo) opening a new restaurant

In April, the Michelin-starred restaurant duo Adam and Albin will open the Solen restaurant. The restaurant is scheduled to be a gastronomic destination, drawing its inspiration from tropical destinations like Santa Fe, Naples and Oaxaca. 

Adam and Albin have said that they want Solen to be a place for people who love food and culture and want to immerse themselves in it. The pair's new venture will be situated in the slaughterhouse area of Hus 26, which they also run. Solen aims to create a relaxed and easily accessible pub area with a feeling of warmth that infuses all aspects of the restaurant, from the architecture to the menu and even the atmosphere.

Albin stated in a recent interview: "Solen is our interpretation of a messy and familiar volume restaurant in Los Angeles. The menu consists of what we jokingly call "food of the sun", a collection of the best dishes we have been inspired by from our many trips south and created according to our prism."

What to expect at Solen?

Mexico, Italy, the Middle East, and California are the primary sources of inspiration for the cooking at Solen, with a significant focus on spice, smoke and fire.

The recipes involve infusions from various rustic cooking methods, such as cooking over wood fires, charcoal grilling, and even the classic fireplace features. These methods are all integrated to create different flavours and textures.

A variety of smaller side dishes will be available, including handmade pasta, tender meat selections, crispy pizza and lots of leafy greens. All are infused with warm spices to add the "food of the sun flavour" to the dishes.

You can expect that same warmth with the drinks menu that offers cocktails inspired by the same sun-drenched destinations and tasty, full-bodied wines from their in-house cellar.

You can expect a note-worthy “sun-filled” restaurant experience from the passionate pair. Make sure to keep an eye out for the opening this April.

Nordic Retail News -Adam &  Albin

Danish luxury furniture brand, BoConcept opens a new store in Switzerland

The luxury furniture retailer BoConcept, known for having scale and demonstrating franchise success in multiple countries worldwide, has recently opened up yet another store in Switzerland! The 226 m2 store opened on Friday the 10th of February and marks its' second store launched by franchisee Flemming Jensen.

BoConcept is a global brand with an outstanding reputation and demand worldwide. Their "Affordable Premium" position is their commitment to opening the brand to a broader audience while retaining our aspirational positioning within the marketplace.

Their affordable and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories are based on Scandinavian design principles - a global trend that generates demand. As a result, some conceive them as the best designers in the business, including Morten Georgsen, Karim Rashid, Henrik Pedersen and Nendo.

With currently over 22 stores, the luxury furniture company has just added another to their extensive list, and this one is located at Beethovenstrasse 33, 8002 Zurich.

It's no surprise that another store was on the cards, and if you're in the Zurich area, make sure to have a look at the latest addition.

Nordic Retail News - Bo Concept

Swedish furniture and home furnishings brand, Mio opens its 75th store

Mio's furniture company recently opened a new store, taking their portfolio to 75. The furniture chain opened a new store in Trelleborg, which will be the chain's 75th that Mio Försäljning AB runs. The franchise company previously operated 15 stores in Stockholm and Malmö.

CEO Björn Lindblad said in a recent interview: "It is fantastic that we have finally opened in Trelleborg. We continue to invest by strengthening our store network in Skåne. We are getting significantly closer to the customer now with an attractive store in Trelleborg, where we have long been actively looking for an establishment opportunity."

The store also showcases a new format that slightly differs from the others. It is only 1,500 square meters, a little smaller than Mio's store sizes, and to add to the new design, they also plan on filling the store with more inspirational material than Usual, making the space more creative.

CEO Björn Lindblad further stated: "We deliver dreams and help our customers create homes to enjoy and be proud of. It feels fantastic that now, with this establishment, we can help even more people renew their homes. There is nothing better than opening a new store and meeting satisfied, happy and eager customers and fantastic employees who meet customers in the best possible way. Now we continue to develop Mio into Sweden's destination for furniture and interior design in Sweden."

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