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Nordic Retail News

Nordic Retail News

Retail News Feb 1, 2023 at 8:27pm

This is your monthly round-up of what's been happening in the world of retail in the Nordics.

Read the below Snapshot blog post to hear more about what is happening in Nordic Retail News.

Nordic Retail News

Chimi launch their first unisex ready-to-wear clothing collection

The inaugural drop from the once eyewear-only brand follows the contemporary fashion angle of gender-free clothing. A first for Chimi, the range is something truly groundbreaking for the brand.

In a genuinely Scandinavian-styled aesthetic, Chimi recently dropped its first collection. Their tech-tailored metropolitan uniforms are designed to inspire their wearers to capture every aspect of life in movement.

In a recent interview the creative director, Charlie Lindström stated; "We don’t see ourselves as a conventional fashion brand. Rather, we intend to open up new points of reference –so that we can exist as a platform for our customers to experience and live the culture that every collection is built on.”

In the first drop - Drop 1, a 20-piece range showcases innovative performance fabrics and exceptional attention to detail. The collection comprises tight maxi dresses, tank tops, short-sleeved shirts and the surprising addition of the balaclava.

Interested in having a look at the range in person? You can view the latest collection at one of their retail stores. Store locations linked here

Nordic Retail News - Chimi

Lundhag open their first store in Stockholm

Lundhag has recently opened its first store at 33 Kungsgatan in Stockholm. The highly anticipated store opening was centred around clothing repair and focused on promoting outdoor living.

On its website, the brand states: "We are right at the time when sustainability has been important and part of our DNA long before the concept itself was established. Our products should last a long time, preferably a lifetime, and we are industry leaders in recycling, repairs and service."

Furthermore, the store offers local residents an outdoor-focused oasis in the city centre, aiming to inspire a more outdoor-focused lifestyle.

Nordic Retail News

Polestar opened "Snow Space Pop-Up Showroom" in Rovaniemi, Finland

The Polestar Snow Space stands between the Aalto centre complex of buildings in Rovaniemi. This being only eight kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. This temporary space, made entirely from snow, resides in the centre until the 26th of February.

In a recent interview with Wallpaper magazine, Martin Österberg, Polestar's head of marketing & PR, explains; "The 12m x 12m x 12m cube mirrors the company headquarters’ shape in Gothenburg, Sweden; white is part of Polestar’s colour palette; and design is minimalist in line with everything else in the Polestar universe." 

Walking inside the space you will notice a wall decorated with ice sculptures of various car components. A tyre, shock absorbers and brake pads that have all been hand-crafted from ice. A large Polestar symbol can be seen on the roof and was hand carved with a chainsaw. The space has been created for customers to view the Polestar car. Moreover, to learn about the various component options available, and to test drive it on a nearby track.

The Snow Space concept is a remarkable ode to Polestar's design and brand ethos. It utilises a completely circular raw material to create the space. The snow, harvested in the nearby Ounasvaara Ski Resort, and carried to the site in electric trucks. It will return to Ounasvaara once the Snow Space is closed. The snow will then be repurposed as a ski slope in late autumn before enough snow falls in the area for the season.

Swedish fashion brand Benim Denim, set to change the course of the fashion industry

Swedish designers Haisam Mohammed and Noah Bramme are the creative forces behind the brand Benim Denim. The creative team found inspiration in finding a solution to fashion waste. Their journey started after hearing rather distressing news.

Researchers at the international climate institute at the Swedish University in Lund, found after studying e-commerce brands at length, that returns often don't end up back up for sale as one would think they did.

Research found that the cost of labour to take care of the returns would outweigh the garment cost. Ultimately, forcing retailers to more often than not, simply discard of the items in rubbish dumps.

Shocked by this extreme wastage, the Swedish designer Haisam Mohammed was determined to find a solution aimed to assist in combatting this problem. Teaming up with co-founder Noah Bramme, Benim Denim was born.

The main mission behind the brand is to shut it down as soon as possible. Their catch phrase being "A start-up designed to shut down". They have stated that they will keep it going until their 170-meter repurposed 'deadstock' denim roll runs out. The denim is partly made from Circulose® recycled from worn-out jeans.

Benim Denim is pioneering a new business model, that could, potentially change the course of the fashion industry.

Nordic Retail News

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