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Nordic Retail News

Nordic Retail News

Retail News Apr 8, 2024 at 9:17am

This is your monthly round-up of what’s been happening in Nordic Retail News.

From the expansion of well-known fashion brands to new store locations you didn’t think possible, the Nordics is full of exciting new developments. Completely Retail Marketplace is here to tell you a bit more about them!

Read the below Snapshot blog post to hear more about what is happening in Nordic Retail News.

Nordic retail News

Gyros Heroes open in Rosengårdcentret

A new addition has emerged on Food Avenue, eliciting excitement from patrons. Gyros Heroes, purveyors of Greek cuisine, have garnered acclaim for their food stall within Storms Pakhus.

Gyros Heroes embodies owner and founder Istvan's numerous journeys to the Greek islands, where his passion for genuine Greek cuisine flourished. "I made it a mission to sample every Gyros available nearby," he recounts. With Gyros eateries dotting practically every street in Greece, it has become a culinary staple. Consequently, patrons can anticipate an authentic Gyros experience reminiscent of those found on any Greek city corner: "Straightforward, bursting with flavour, and evoking memories of a Greek getaway."

In the forthcoming days, they will extend their culinary delights to Rosengårdcentret's clientele, enriching the array of dining options within the vicinity to a total of 15 restaurants.

Food Avenue, situated at the Green and Red Entrance, seamlessly connects visitors to the Vue biografens foyer, crafting an ideal setting for exploring Denmark's Best Market Square.

Nordic retail news - Gyros heroes

Citycon welcome secondhand concept Nesten to their Kremmertorget centre this Spring

Nesten Ny, is a fresh new addition to Citycon's Kremmertorget this spring, introducing the concept of second-hand goods. The growing enthusiasm for repurposing clothes and equipment has paved the way for innovative ventures like Nesten Ny, which translates to 'almost new'.

Nesten is a modern thrift shop where you can buy and sell almost new children's clothing and equipment, women's clothing, men's clothing, interiors and leisure equipment. 

At this thrift store, patrons are encouraged to bring their lightly used items for resale. The store will facilitate the resale process, potentially transforming these items into newfound treasures for others.

Anders Prytz, Centre Manager at Kremmertorget, expresses his delight in welcoming Nesten Ny to the establishment. Recognising the increasing interest among customers for second-hand items, Prytz notes the opportunity for individuals to both earn money from their gently used belongings and make sustainable purchases. Nesten Ny promises to be an exciting and valuable addition to the centre.

Lululemon is the latest addition to Hufvudstaden's Vildmannen property.

The world-renowned yoga and training brand Lululemon is expanding by launching a new store at CBRE-owned Biblioteksgatan 9 in Bibliotekstan. Spanning approximately 400 square meters, the new establishment marks the culmination of recent store openings within the renovated Vildmannen 7 property, effectively leasing out the entire premises.

The Canadian brand, founded in 1998, has expanded its presence across various regions worldwide. Renowned for its technically crafted products initially tailored for yoga, the brand has now diversified its offerings to encompass running, training, and everyday fashion.

"We are delighted to welcome Lululemon to our renovated property in Bibliotekstan. With its dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts, the brand seamlessly complements our existing lineup," expresses Emanuel Westin, Head of Business Development at Hufvudstaden. "The keen interest in establishing a presence in our property and the surrounding area underscores our commitment to transforming Bibliotekstan into the premier shopping and social destination in the Nordics."

Following a devastating fire in 2017, Hufvudstaden's property Vildmannen 7 underwent extensive restoration efforts. The property, now fully restored, reopened its doors to office and retail tenants in July 2023.

Nordic Retail News - lululemon

Name It set to open new store in Halmstad

The Danish brand Name It is set to open its new store in the Hallarna shopping centre on 23rd May. This marks the chain’s second store opening in Sweden, the first being in Emporia, Malmö.

The company designs playful and affordable fashion catering to children who possess a clear sense of their preferences. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and honesty of children's perspectives, they develop trendy designs with a particular emphasis on denim, prioritising comfort, safety, and quality. Their creative process is influenced by the affectionate and uninhibited nature of childhood, allowing them to dress babies, kids, and tweens stylishly for any occasion.

Nordics retail news - name it

Naked Copenhagen opens in Paris

The founders, Stine Lindholm Pedersen and Tommas Olsen, have led NAKED Copenhagen since its establishment twenty years ago. With it's headquarters in Copenhagen, this multi-brand retailer specialises in premium women's sneakers, with stores located in the Danish capital and Aarhus, along with a highly successful online platform serving customers worldwide. In 2021, French sportswear retailer Courir acquired NAKED Copenhagen, enabling the brand to expand internationally while retaining its identity.

With the easing of the global pandemic, NAKED Copenhagen embarked on its first major expansion step by opening a standalone store in Paris, a renowned fashion and lifestyle hub. Situated in the vibrant Marais district, the 300 sqm. (3,229 sq.ft.) space on rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie joins numerous peers in the sneaker and streetwear scene.

Collaborating on the interior design are Studio Daniel Kutlesovski, an architecture and design firm based in Copenhagen, and Alpine Office, a creative agency also rooted in the Danish capital. Reflecting NAKED Copenhagen's Scandinavian heritage, the design adopts a minimalist and timeless aesthetic, accented with playful pastel hues.

The space features beige terrazzo flooring, complemented by matte-toned walls and ceilings. Sleek aluminium shelving lines one side of the store, while opposite, curvilinear volumes in soft blue serve as both displays and seating. In the back room, a large shelving unit in soft yellow adds to the ambiance.

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