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Nordic Retail News

Nordic Retail News

Retail News Mar 4, 2024 at 8:44am

This is your monthly round-up of what’s been happening in Nordic Retail News.

From the expansion of well-known fashion brands to new store locations you didn’t think possible, the Nordics is full of exciting new developments. Completely Retail Marketplace is here to tell you a bit more about them!

Read the below Snapshot blog post to hear more about what is happening in Nordic Retail News.

Danish RTD brand BOLD is expanding into Sweden through new retail collaborations

BOLDS’ range of ready-to-drink functional iced coffee products is now available in nearly 400 Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven convenience stores in Sweden. Additionally, with plans for wider distribution across the Nordics in the coming year.

Copenhagen-based BOLD has inked its initial retail distribution deal in Sweden, marking its entry into the market. Further, four of its’ products – BOLD True, BOLD Choco, BOLD Oat, and BOLD Protein – will be on shelves at nearly 400 Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven outlets.

Expressing enthusiasm, BOLD shared on LinkedIn, “We are thrilled to introduce our functional iced coffees to our neighbouring country. However, our ambitions extend beyond Sweden in 2024, as we aim to expand BOLD Drinks to other Nordic nations.”

Established by Lasse Søkilde in 2019, BOLD’s coffee-infused energy beverages are currently retailed in over 4,000 convenience stores in Denmark. Including major chains like 7-Eleven, Circle K, and OK+, as well as through its online platform.

BOLD’s journey received a boost with its first investment on Løvens Hule, the Danish equivalent of TV show Dragon’s Den, in 2021. Subsequent funding rounds in April 2023 (raising DKK4.5m or $667,000) and January 2024 (raising DKK5m or $731,037). These proving instrumental in expanding its’ retail footprint in Denmark and venturing into new markets.

To extend its retail presence across the region, the RTD brand has teamed up with Haugen-Gruppen AB Sweden. Haugen-Gruppen’s diverse brand portfolio includes popular names such as Twinings Tea, Kettle Chips, Cadbury, HP Sauce, and Ryvita.

BOLD - Nordic Retail News

DRMLND debuts its latest store in Sweden, marking its expansion four months following its initial launch at Täby Centrum

The newly opened DRMLND store at Gallerian invites patrons to partake in a distinctive accessory experience fostering self-expression.

Offering a myriad of beads, charms, buckles, and adornments spanning the spectrum of hues, DRMLND empowers individuals to design and craft their own accessories. With boundless possibilities, visitors can fashion an array of items. These include necklaces, bracelets, and mobile phone cases within a social media-friendly ambiance characterised by pastel hues. Spearheaded by Mikael Söderlindh, the visionary behind Happy Socks and Häxan, DRMLND embodies a fresh approach to accessory branding.

Reflecting on the swift resonance of the DRMLND concept, Söderlindh remarks, “Throughout my tenure as an industrious entrepreneur, I’ve seldom encountered a venture that has garnered such rapid traction as DRMLND. Our target demographic, notably the younger generation, engages in consumption, collaboration, and creation in unprecedented ways. Witnessing this phenomenon firsthand compels me to reassess my marketing acumen and adapt to the evolving landscape.” Emphasising the strategic rationale behind the new store’s location, Söderlindh underscores the centrality of Gallerian in catering to the brand’s spatial, brand, and demographic requisites.

DRMLAND - Nordic retail news
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Last week D_b_ opened their first store at Printemps Haussmann in Paris

D_b is an intriguing outdoor Norwegian brand that facilitates meaningful journeys through its award-winning design. Having transitioned from an online-only presence to a hybrid model, the brand is evolving its approach to reach a wider audience. The Paris store, boasting a beautifully sleek neutral interior, places the spotlight firmly on the designs themselves. Their innovative display mimics an airport luggage conveyor, offering an immersive view of their products in action.

They are creators of purposeful products designed to endure the various journeys individuals embark upon. Their design ethos revolves around durability, timeless aesthetics, adaptable functionality, and minimising environmental impact. Recognising the complexity of sustainability, they remain committed to addressing the challenges of climate change and advocating for social justice.

Their paramount objective lies in transitioning towards a fully circular business model. This entails prolonging product lifespans, minimising the necessity for new products on each journey, adopting renewable energy across their supply chain, and facilitating the complete repurposing of all products at the end of their lifecycle.

Nonetheless, D_b remains optimistic about the future. Viewing the Paris store as just the beginning of an exciting journey for the brand.

DB -Nordic Retail News

The first ever Moomin Arabia brand store has opened its doors in Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden

In collaboration with Moomin Characters, Moomin Arabia, owned by the parent group Fiskars, has launched its’ first global brand store. On February 22, “Mooments of Magic” welcomed visitors at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm. The store offers a unique range of products, including cherished ceramics, various Moomin accessories, clothing, and books. Making it a haven for Moomin enthusiasts and mug collectors alike.

Embracing the playful essence synonymous with Moomin stories, the store exudes a vibrant atmosphere through the creative use of Moomin characters. Correspondingly, the colour palette, predominantly featuring the signature Moomin Arabia mint hue, adds a delightful touch to the overall design.

Located at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia (Stjärntorget 2, Solna), the store eagerly anticipates welcoming guests to Stockholm. Stay tuned for additional Moomin Arabia store openings scheduled throughout the spring season.

Moomins - Nordic Retail News
Photo Credit : Fiskars group,

Clas Ohlson store openings in Nordics during 2024, confirmed

Clas Ohlson has confirmed plans to inaugurate three additional stores within the current year. This will be adding to their total of thirteen scheduled openings for 2024.

The newly confirmed stores will be situated in Lidingö Centrum, located just outside Stockholm; Burlöv Center, situated outside Malmö; and in the city centre of Lund, in southern Sweden.

Furthermore, expressing enthusiasm for the new developments, Andreas Helgesson, Country Operations Manager, remarked, “We are thrilled to kick off the year with contracts for three new stores. These expansions will enhance accessibility, addressing longstanding demand in Lund’s city center and on Lidingö. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate returning to Burlöv, where our store closed in 2020, and have since witnessed positive developments in the centre.”

The Lund and Lidingö stores will encompass sales areas of 634 and 679 square meters respectively, while the Burlöv Center store will cover 1156 square meters.

Helgesson added, “Our offerings will encompass Clas Ohlson’s comprehensive and budget-friendly range, featuring products spanning construction, lighting, storage, and items for the connected home.”

In total, Clas Ohlson has thirteen planned store openings for the calendar year 2024, including establishments in Helsingborg, Sundsvall, and Oslo city center.

Founded in 1918 as a mail-order business in Insjön, Sweden, Clas Ohlson has evolved into a retail company with a presence in three markets, employing approximately 4,900 individuals, and generating annual sales of around 9 billion SEK. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. While much has changed since its inception, Clas Ohlson remains committed to helping and inspiring individuals to enhance their daily lives through smart, simple, and practical solutions at attractive prices. Visit to learn more about the company and its dedication to simplifying life in diverse households.

Clas Olsen - Nordic News

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