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Gothenburg – the smiling face of Sweden

Gothenburg – the smiling face of Sweden

Insight Apr 3, 2023 at 8:55am

The home of Volvo, the birthplace of Alicia Vikander and the world’s most sustainable destination. Welcome to Gothenburg, the smiling face of Sweden.

Read the below Snapshot to find out why Gothenburg is the smiling face of Sweden.

Gothenburg – the smiling face of Sweden
“Långgatorna”: Marie Ullnert/Göteborg & Co

With a thriving business environment and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Gothenburg is an important engine for Swedish growth and innovation. The region has strong clusters, including automotive and sustainable mobility, life science, logistics, smart cities, IT and creative industries, and an exciting mix of global corporates and pioneering start-ups. A cool fact is that businesses in Gothenburg’s county invest more in R&D than anywhere else in Sweden.

Gothenburg is also Sweden’s best logistics location and an important hub for both imports and exports of goods. The city boasts the Nordic countries’ largest port and about 70% of Scandinavia’s population and industry is within 500 km of Gothenburg.

A region moving forward

At the same time, Gothenburg is growing fast. In fact, it is the fastest growing city in Sweden in terms of population growth, with the biggest increase seen in the group 20–45-year-olds. The region is in the middle of an intense period of development, where EUR 100 billion is being invested in property and urban developments as well as infrastructure, as the region makes space for 120,000 more jobs. Many of these development projects are in optimal city locations where also commercial space is included in large volumes. Examples are Backaplan and Karlastan.

Gothenburg – the smiling face of Sweden
“Drottningtorget”: Anders Wester/Göteborg & Co

“A vibrant and dynamic city”

Retail sales are an important part of our economy. The region offers an exciting mix of international brands, independent shops, pedestrian streets, malls and department stores.

Uniqlo, Blue Tomato, Normal, Superdry, Sephora and Joe & the Juice are just a few examples of global brands that have opened here in recent years.

"To develop our business in Sweden, it was a natural step to open our third store in such a vibrant and dynamic city like Gothenburg. Gothenburg citizens are known for their freedom from prejudice and their innovative way of thinking - we believe this will fit in well with our LifeWear philosophy," says Nikolina Johnston, COO Scandinavia, Uniqlo Europe

Gothenburg is also the birthplace of fashion brands like Nudie Jeans, Monki, Elvine and Dr Denim. In addition, the city holds a strong position as an event city, hosting among other things, international concerts, music festivals, conferences, trade fairs and sporting events, as well as Scandinavia’s largest film festival.

Come join us in Gothenburg!

Want to learn more, visit:, or you can meet the team during Completely Retail Marketplace Nordics on Thursday 25th May 2023, at Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm.

Per Pixel Petersson/ Göteborg & Co

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