Completely Retail Marketplace — Ellandi’s 10th Annual ‘Retail Rocks Event’
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Ellandi's 10th Annual 'Retail Rocks Event'

Ellandi's 10th Annual 'Retail Rocks Event'

Retail News Jul 31, 2022 at 5:04pm

This year marked Ellandi's 10th annual 'Retail Rocks event' at the National Gallery. The Event brought together over 220 senior members of the retail industry. All of whom were eager to debate the issues shaping retail and town centre investment.

The Retail Rocks event always attracts a wide range of voices. From private and social impact investors, to lenders, public sector stakeholders and retailers. 

Read the below Snapshot to hear more on this insightful Retail Rocks discussions hosted by Ellandi

This year they examined two fundamental but very different sides of the market in their panels. The first being; ‘Why I invested in retail post-Covid’. Followed by; ‘Re-thinking returns. The discussion was concluded with a though provoking discussion surrounding the topic 'are investors and lenders really interested in social value?’.

"Why I invested in retail post-covid" - First panel discussion

All of the first panel members in the discussion 'Why I invested in retail post-Covid’ have invested in shopping centres post-pandemic and were sharing their reasons why. Highlights included what defines a ‘winning’ asset in today’s retail market, and what factors are impacting pricing and are rents starting to stabilise?

"Rethinking Returns" - Second panel discussion

The second panel ‘Rethinking returns’ discussed whether investors and lenders are really interested in social value, does it impact returns and what does it mean for our traditional investment expectations? Highlights included current examples of thriving community uses and barriers to social impact investment.

Keynote Presentation

In the keynote presentation, Guy Battle, CEO of the Social Value Portal, gave an in-depth look at how we can move our thinking forward to create social value rather than mitigate the adverse impact and what the actual results of a considered social strategy might look like for investors. 

New developments for Ellandi

Ellandi are big believers that investor and community interests don’t belong at opposite ends of a spectrum. They believe the surest way to generate sustainable investment returns is to build a space around its community’s needs.

They are also in the process of partnering with Social Value Portal, which supports businesses by embedding social value across all business activities. Using RESVI, their nationally approved method for measuring social value. In addition, they are in the final stages of creating a proprietary approach to implementing step change in communities, launching later this year.

Social Value Portal

In Conclusion

With over 220 attendees, two expert panel discussions and an incredible keynote presentation, the tenth 'Retail Rocks event' was the biggest event yet!

None of which would be possible without the attending guests, panels and speaker specialists dedicating their time, views and experience.

Ellandi look forward to welcoming you to an even bigger and better Retail Rocks next year!

Special Mentions from the Ellandi team

A huge thank you to Mike Philips, UK Editor at Bisnow for compering the day and keeping conversations lively. A special mention goes to Guy Battle and all of the panellists for all of their contributions. A heartfelt Thank you from the Ellandi team.

Looking to get involved with Ellandi's next 'Retail Rocks event" ?

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