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Uncategorised Jan 26, 2022 at 3:32pm

The onset of Covid has forced a major pivot in retail, largely across the optimisation of e-commerce, product supply chains and delivery logistics. The next phase is to imagine how our physical stores can respond to new demands and evolve into a longer term place for marketing and retail strategies.

Digital native brands are brilliant at connecting with their audiences and want to build on this through testing of physical experiences and new formats, creating memorable productions for their loyal customers.

To ensure we remain relevant and at the forefront of retail, we are launching a channel on that will focus on retail units that are available for short term licensing - flexible formats and popups.

Completely Flexible will launch in February and our goal is to focus on attracting digital native businesses and brands focused on social media. Brands can sign up for free and search available units and property agents can search through our database to find a suitable match for their unit or scheme.

Benefits for a Landlord or Agent
1. Attract a pipeline of interesting new brands to your units with no commitments.

2. Produce supplementary income for Landlords in parallel to seeking a long term lease.

3. Zero costs to list if you are an existing CR customer. Small commission for successful bookings through our platform.

4. Drive footfall into retail locations by attracting the coolest brands.

Why is different from other platforms?
1. The UK’s busiest retail property platform with 50,000+ visits per week and growing.

2. Zero listing fees for existing CR customers and the lowest success fee in the market.

3. Truly Flexible - list for long and short term leases in parallel on the same platform.

4. A UK wide reach, not just focused on cities.

5. CR marketing team focused on attracting digital native brands and supporting the best match for brand with unit.

Want to find our more about the flexible offering and how you can list properties on the site? Email the team at who'd be happy to have a chat through the new features.

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