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Completely Retail Marketplace's Soapbox Platform!

Completely Retail Marketplace's Soapbox Platform!

Insight Jul 31, 2022 at 4:59pm

So what exactly is the Completely Retail Marketplace Soapbox platform? And how can it benefit your business?

Read the below Snapshot blog post to gain further insights into this FREE and extremely beneficial business expansion platform.

As a small or new brand to the market it can be difficult to meet with the right property contacts and secure new sites. This is why, in 2014, the Soapbox sessions were launched to the Marketplace events

Soapbox is now part of the show’s DNA and is a highly anticipated element of every show in the UK and its international counterparts.

Completely Retail Marketplace's Soapbox Platform!

So, what is the Soapbox?

The concept is simple. The Soapbox stage faces a targeted audience of Marketplace’s attending property professionals. All of them are keen to discover exciting and unique brands that would match their available sites, whether it be a bricks and mortar business, a kiosk, floor space or a pop-up with a niche space requirement.

Apply for a 3-4 minute time slot and jump up on the Completely Retail Soapbox stage to promote your brand.

Don't just take it from us. Have a look at some of the previous participants testimonials for some further insight into the Soapbox platform

“What did Soapbox mean for us? A chance to pitch in front of huge landlords and collaborate with some super sharp retail concepts. We’ve already set up meetings with all of the largest players in the Nordics and are in discussions to spread Pantry through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Watch this space! We would 100% participate again if given the chance.”

PANTRY, Jamie Corley, Founder and CEO, Stockholm

Have a look at what Kaye Sotami, Founder of CHOP CHOP London has to say about the Soapbox platform, and how it catapulted his business.

“As a new restaurant business, CRMP was a fantastic opportunity to raise our profile with property agents and landlords. Our Soapbox presentation was very well received and has led to some fruitful connections and conversations. And we loved our full page spread in the magazine (One Day Magazine, the CRMP event guide)!”

Emeka, From Chukus London

Are you passionate enough to take to the Completely Retail Marketplace Soapbox stage? Furthermore, If you're looking to expand your brand in retail and make valuable connections to aid in your expansion ; Sign up here

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