Completely Retail Marketplace — Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference, The UK’s largest Retail Property event
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Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference, The UK’s largest Retail Property event

Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference, The UK’s largest Retail Property event

Uncategorised Sep 14, 2022 at 12:13pm

After last September’s successful union between Completely Retail Marketplace and Revo, the event is back this September for an action-packed day at Old Billingsgate Market on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. The Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference, The Uk's largest Retail Property event is set to be another enthralling event this September.

Read the below Snapshot blog to hear more of what you can expect at the Completely Retail Marketplace this September.

  • Completely Retail Marketplace (CRMP), what it’s all about and what to look forward to this September.
  • The highly acclaimed Soapbox platform and how it can launch your business to new heights.
  • The Revo Conference explained, along with what you can expect from this year’s program.

Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference

What is CRMP?

Completely Retail Marketplace is a series of events that take place across multiple countries, where retail and leisure brands meet and network with a diverse range of property agents, landlords, shopping centre owners, franchise operators and organisations to discuss the market and opportunities for space.

This September, you can expect over 2,000 attendees and over 80 exhibitors across the UK Retail Property sector for a day filled with new business acquisitions and insight. On 27th September 2022, the one-day event will feature a half-day conference programme by Revo that is being held in the Vault area in Old Billingsgate—coupled with the traditional CRMP exhibition format of setting up meetings, exchanging ideas and growing your business.

If you’re looking to expand your business in retail, Completely Retail Marketplace is the leading event to do so. 

Pitch your brand on the Soapbox

The highly acclaimed Soapbox sessions that run for an hour before lunchtime give brands a platform to showcase their offerings and make invaluable connections. As a small or new brand to the market, meeting with the right property contacts and securing new sites can be challenging; in 2014, CRMP launched the Soapbox sessions at the Marketplace events, and Soapbox is now part of the show’s DNA. A highly anticipated element of every show in the UK and its international counterparts. Join the inspirational session to learn more about the latest ‘Up & Coming’ brands as they pitch their business concepts and expansion plans in a three-minute presentation on the Soapbox stage. 

The Revo Conference

The Revo Conference joined CRMP in 2019, and the union has been enormously successful. The conference aims to connect the CRMP audience with experts from a diverse retail property and placemaking community to discuss leading industry topics in a comfortable and inclusive environment. 

The overriding theme for this year’s Revo Conference is; “A generational challenge - How do the public and sectors work together to regenerate town centres which build economic, environmental, and social value that everyone benefits from?” This topic will be discussed in three separate sessions, where the panels will debate various themes impacting the built environment currently and in the future. The 3 sessions will cover:

  • Session 1: Creating vibrant town centres – repurposing and repositioning of retail and leisure assets – what’s working?
  • Session 2: ESG – The rise and rise of responsible investing. The role of ‘S’ in ESG
  • Session 3: A generational opportunity - how do the Public and Private sectors collaborate to ensure long term sustainable regeneration in our towns and cities.

Be the first to gain valuable insight into the latest industry developments through this highly informative forum.

Completely Retail Marketplace | Revo Conference

The CRMP event is an action-packed day filled with opportunities to set up meetings with leading property agencies and landlords and gain insight into the latest retail developments and industry news. Moreover, there are endless possibilities to grow your network and meet the right contacts to make your expansion plans a reality. So, if you’re in the business of expanding, this is the retail event for you.

For more information on the event visit: Completely Retail Marketplace

The full Revo conference programme along with speaker details can be found here:  Revo Conference

The event is free of charge for retailers and other flexible tickets options are still available.

Details of delegate passes are here: Registration Page

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