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Charging the future

Charging the future

Sustainability Apr 2, 2020 at 4:44pm

The Engenie way

A nationwide network of simple rapid chargers, where you want to be.

Engenie started out as a crowd-funded dream, a proof-of-concept electric vehicle (EV) charging company which piloted with seven chargers.

Three years, funding, and several pivotal retail partnerships later, Engenie has now grown to become the UK’s fastest growing EV rapid charge-point network operator. This is according to Engenie’s report from Q4, 2019.

With a customer-first approach, Engenie’s mission is to deliver a national network of over 2000 easy-to-use, reliable chargers. All are mindfully placed at convenient, safe locations near facilities where drivers can grab a coffee or a bite to eat. This also drives loyal footfall and long-term site value for landlord partners.

Every charging point is powered using 100% renewable electricity, which is a major part of Engenie’s commitment to enable a low-carbon transport system and pollutant-free air.

Engenie offers fully funded and fully managed charging solutions, so retail landlords and property developers can be part of the low-emission transport future, providing charge points for their tenants and customers to meet growing demand.

engenie electric vehicle charging points in retail parks

Refuelling with electricity

With EVs, drivers no longer have to go out of their way to re-fuel their cars: electricity is everywhere and, therefore, so is the potential for re-charging.

This is the Engenie company mission, to enable customers to feel the full benefit of an accessible charge-point network. To be able to go about their day, without having to worry about diverting far from, say, business meetings or time with loved ones.

Engenie chargers can be found just off of main roads with plenty of passing traffic, often conveniently located near motorways or a major town or city, and always with a reason to dwell, such as retail parks, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, high streets and drive thru’s.

engenie electric vehicle charging points in retail parks

In short, what makes a great rapid charging site is; a busy area of interest, plenty of parking and options for charger positioning for an optimum hook up to the electricity grid.

Each charging site is quality controlled to ensure the best Engenie experience is provided to customers: putting charging infrastructure where lots of drivers are happy to spend 40-80 minutes.

This also means high footfall and charger utilisation for the host landlord, who benefit from profit share at their sites, along with loyal, guaranteed dwell time.

A low-emission future

With an ever-growing consciousness in individual sustainability, consumers have increasingly been turning to EVs as their new car of choice. Not to mention, with the UK pledge to switch fully to low-emission cars by 2035 standing in the near-distant future.

So for those yet to convert, why switch to an EV?

In the UK in 2019, the lifetime emissions per kilometre when driving a Nissan Leaf EV were about three times lower than for the average conventional car, even before accounting for the falling carbon intensity of electricity generation during the car’s lifetime (Source: Carbon Brief). EVs also produce no harmful tailpipe air pollutants.

engenie electric vehicle charging point

This makes the rapidly growing numbers of electric cars on UK roads vital for the health of the planet and future generations. Engenie are motivated more than ever to get as many charging sites out there to all parts of the UK, enabling the electric revolution. This is starting with the best retail spots through partnerships such as Marston’s, Brookhouse Group and Transport for London.

One of the most recent installation waves, at a retail hotspot in Wales’ capital, includes two chargers going live at Bute Crescent, Cardiff Bay, as part of a partnership with Cardiff Council. Ten more chargers are due to be installed across the city this year.


2nd April 2020: Engenie charging points are currently still active across the UK for EV drivers, however please check the website or their social media pages for the latest information relating to COVID-19 measures.

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