Completely Retail Marketplace — ‘Soapbox X Landsec’ Participants & The Winning Brand,Lemonade Dolls
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'Soapbox X Landsec' Participants & The Winning Brand,Lemonade Dolls

'Soapbox X Landsec' Participants & The Winning Brand,Lemonade Dolls

Uncategorised May 6, 2022 at 2:19pm

These 10 pioneering individuals are not only some of the most ambitious people around, but who’s stories can inspire even the most demotivated ‘coach potato’. Read on to get to know our final Retail Change Makers

9: “SOAPBOX X LANDSEC” Competition Participants – Our Up and Coming Retail Stars (British entrepreneurs)

One of the major highlights of the Completely Retail Event this year was the Soapbox X Landsec competition. UK landlord Landsec and the organisers joined forces to launch a competition for disruptive brands and start-ups. Free for brands to enter, the competition comprised of a shortlisted selection of candidates who presented from the Soapbox Stage. We wanted to highlight these amazing brands, as we believe they are the future retail legends in the making, take a look at these exciting up and coming brands for a bit of business inspiration.

Eluroom - Rebecca Rodden, Founder

Fashion & Lifestyle Brand aimed at radiating joy, through effortless style and mindset to live a full spirited life with confidence. Rebecca Rodden founder of the Fashion Lifestyle Brand 'Eluroom'. She brings wealth and knowledge in the Fashion Industry, spanning 20 years working her way up to Buying Director at a British Luxury Retail company. Her knowledge and skills of how and what you wear can set your mood or mindset for the day has become her specialty. Rebecca designs her own sustainable fashion dresses and incorporates mindfulness and wellbeing in her brand ethics to connect to her customers on a deeper level. She promotes 'Living with Joy - I love drama in my clothes not my life' For more on this wholistic brand have a look at ELUROOM WEBSITE

Rebecca pitching her brand on the CRMP Soapbox stage

Game Academy – David Barrie, founder

Game Academy is a venture helps players of video games make the most of their in-game talent out of game. Many of the skills that gamers use in game are essential to the world of work. Through on- and offline experiences, we enable gamers to understand and enjoy the power of their game play, learn from one another, develop new careers and ‘side hustles’. Game Academy was founded in 2019. Over 14,000 gamers have participated in our work. Supporters and partners include the Department for Education, NCFE, employment organisations, youth charities and games companies such as Ubisoft. For more info on Game Academy have a look at the GAME ACADEMY WEBSITE  

David presenting his Game Academy business on the CRMP Soapbox stage

Little Black Outfit – Laura Grayson, founder

LBO is a UK based Brand which launched in 2020 after our Founder experienced the difficulties in finding Black clothing for her daughter. The business now specialises in providing simple, stylish, sustainable Clothing and Accessories for Babies in sizes 0-24months.With UK manufactured items, and on trend fashion we aim to be an inclusive brand taking away the stigma around Black clothing for Babies. The modern-day parent can look no further for something 'A little bit different’ LBO is on a mission to help support Equality and Diversity through the power of Fashion in our future generation! 'Unique in Style, Unifying Change'. For more info on this stylish baby brand, check out the LITTLE BLACK OUTFIT WEBSITE

Laura presenting her Little Black Outfit brand on the soapbox stage

Luminosity Glitter - Lauren-Daisy Jones

Luminosity Glitter was born in 2019 after a daydream about Notting Hill Carnival got Daisy thinking... “what happens to glitter once it disappears down the drain after a day filled with rum punch and dancing?” Most people don’t think about traditional glitter being a micro plastic, or realise that there are eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives available. Luminosity Glitter is plant based, not plastic and is made primarily from eucalyptus from sustainable plantations.  Daisy’s mission is to educate as many people as she can, whilst leaving a trail of sustainable sparkle along the way.  Interested in joining the Luminosity glitter revolution? Have a look at LUMINOSITY GLITTER WEBSITE

Daisy presenting her Luminosity Glitter brand on the soapbox stage

6: Minus Cloud Nine - Charlotte Robinson

 At Minus Cloud Nine, they believe in talking about mental health on the good, bad & grey days. A single conversation between friends, family members, or even strangers have the power to save lives. However, feeling comfortable enough to open up in the first place is usually the trickiest part.
That is where Minus Nine come in, encouraging dialogue in a supportive environment free of any intimidation or judgement. Their brand strives to ignite conversations around mental health worldwide, from the recognisable symbol of the cloud to the unique illustrations and memorable conversations and events. Interested in joining their community, have a look at the MINUS CLOUD NINE WEBSITE

Charlotte presenting her Minus Cloud Nine brand on the soapbox stage

7: Moussem – Sarah Allaoui

Moussem empowers women artisans in Morocco by bringing their handmade, expertly crafted rugs to your home. Rugs have been woven for generations by the indigenous Amazigh people, each piece telling its own story and each style emblematic of the maker’s tribe. Moussem aims to preserve this collective heritage by sourcing directly from weavers spread across Morocco’s mountainous regions, ensuring that they receive a fair price and re-establishing the craft as a viable career for these talented young women. A Moussem rug will bring the magic of ancestral craftsmanship and give you a direct connection to the hidden soul of Morocco.

Want to show your support to the incredible Amazigh craftswomen? Have a look at the MOUSSEM WEBSITE

Sarah presenting her Moussem brand on the soapbox stage

Upcycle Studio - Francesca Toman

Upcycle Studio was founded by Francesca Toman in 2020 to offer good quality, sustainable furniture and textiles that compliment a contemporary home. Over the past couple of years, each process has been refined to ensure that the business is eco-friendly, and the finish not only looks good but lasts as long as each client loves it. Francesca has a degree in textiles – but naturally pursued a career in marketing before putting it to good use! She is now a qualified Interior Designer and brings this knowledge to the design of each piece. Looking to invest in a few refurbished pieces, or event get your old furniture revamped? Have a look at the UPCYCLE WEBSITE for more info.

Fransesce presenting her Upcycle Studio brand on the soapbox stage

10: Lemon Fuller – Founder of LEMONADE DOLLS, & 2022 “SOAPBOX X LANDSEC” Competition winner (British Entrepreneur)

Lemon Fuller photographed for a LEMONADE DOLLS ad campaign

We were lucky enough to have Lemon Fuller, the founder of Lemonade dolls Pitch her amazing female empowerment & subscription underwear brand on our Soapbox stage this April. She captured our hearts and minds and went on to win the ‘SOAPBOX X LANDSEC’ competition to win a Pop-up space for a month.

Lemon Fuller presenting her brand on the CRMP Soapbox stage

Lemon started Lemonade Dolls as a community on Instagram where girls like herself supported and motivated each other to go out and change the world. Jumping through some major hoops and getting help from a lot of people, Lemonade Dolls is now the UK's first subscription underwear brand with female empowerment at its core. Their ethos is accepting all the hairy, wobbly, jiggly natural bits because let’s face it, we all have them! Lemon wants girls to feel good in the bodies they were born with, and understand how limitless women are - because, quite simply…women are amazing!

Today Lemonade Dolls have sold thousands of undies, over funded on Seedrs by 266%, sold in Topshop and New Look and most importantly – their online community is now over 100k!

The aim of Lemonade dolls is to spread positivity and self-love everywhere they go. Hopefully inspiring other girls to do the same. Lemonade Dolls hosts a monthly talk through their channel labelled “Tit Talks” to hear from women who are making a difference in their personal lives, careers, and communities. The Lemonade Dolls online blog addresses topics like transgender rights, breast cancer awareness, the harsh impacts of diet culture, among many other interesting and relevant topics.

To join the Lemonade Dolls Community, or sign up to their Undies subscription, Visit the LEMONADE DOLLS WEBSITE

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